What's going down :-)

My fermentation experiences

I started with Kombucha.
Then started double fermenting my kombucha.

Then I learned to brew and ferment beer with The Occasional Brewer (reccommend)

That was me for a while, with lots of the above.

Then I did a cheese making course, and now can make
* Kefir (keep that alive as the cheese starter)
* Yoghurt (including thick Greek... again another starter I keep alive)
* Paneer (easy peasy)
* Haloumi (a living cheese)
* Feta (also living)

And then I was given a Rye sourdough culture and some simple instructions.

So now I also make sourdough bread regularly.

Pete's friends say:


Welcome to winter!
posted by Peter Torr Smith 3 months ago
I use a combination of rye flour and organic wholemeal from Common Sense Organics
posted by Peter Torr Smith 7 months ago
My last bread was a fruit and spice bread... came out perfect!
posted by Peter Torr Smith 7 months ago
posted by tarun 7 months ago