Agile Practices and Enterprise Collaboration Tooling

Atlassian tools and practices, Github Projects - Strategy and Ops

Establishing, evolving, operating MSD's enterprise agile practices and collaboration tools practice. Based mostly around Atlassian tools in both Cloud and on-site implementations, I lead the design, implementation and continuous improvement of tools to support adopting Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) in MSD's Simplification programme, and subsequently across all of MSD's IT services. This was done in collaboration with the teams involved to ensure both a bottom up and top down approach view contributed to a workable and useful suite of tools and configurations. Atlassian Jira was used to coordinate enterprise, programme and team work goals, activities and reporting, whilst Confluence was used to support teams and capabilities to collaborate, create and share important documentation and visuals. Security was a large consideration, as was user experience and fit for teams. Github projects provides a very bare-bones Kanban board capability that, when configured, can support small to medium size teams and products.

Technologies and practices

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