Technical Director - GOOD Meat global launch experience

Working with the creative director, producer, designers, modelers and a great dev team, we pulled the GOOD Meat launch experience together over 6 weeks. The core experience is a Single Page Application using Vue.js orchestrating user interactions with dynamic content, a WebGL model & background in the canvas, multiple audio layers and form submission. I established development, test, staging and production environments on AWS and configured our Bitbucket Pipelines for continuous build and deployments. I was responsible for initial and ongoing scoping and estimation, technical design and solutioning approaches, overall technical delivery, hosting and infrastructure, daily prioritization scrums, testing/QA and bug resolution, content pipelines, client technical team alignment and integration, deployments, go-live planning, monitoring, documentation and handover. It was a pleasure and a blast to help make this experience all it could be to showcase this innovation as part of how we feed the world sustainably.

Technologies and practices


Bitbucket Pipelines

AWS S3, CloudFront, CDN, Lambda, Route53, IAM, Figma

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