What's going down :-)

My fermentation experiences

Topic: Food and Fermentation

I started with Kombucha.
Then started double fermenting my kombucha.

Then I learned to brew and ferment beer with The Occasional Brewer (reccommend)

That was me for a while, with lots of the above.

Then I did a cheese making...more (104 words, 7 sentences)

Loving life in Wellington

Topic: Life

Just love it here.

After 26 years, I still think this is paradise!

Not saying I'll not live anywhere else... but this city will always be in my heart :-)

You can't beat Wellington on any day!

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Creating this site - Rails 5, javascript, postgres, and a gazillion gems!

Topic: Software development

Pete says

This has been a mission!
Two months on and off working through this... but completed it all and this website is the the result :-)

Here's the certificate woohoo! and a link to it...more (113 words, 10 sentences)