Culture Amp - Backend/API Performance and restructuring.

Working initially on backend API performance and optimization, using Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Sidekiq jobs,...

Ruby on Rails 6 (and 7), Kaizen design system, MySQL, Sidekiq, React, Typescript, Launch Darkly SDKs and REST APIs, DataDog
525 words


Technical Director - GOOD Meat global launch experience

Working with the creative director, producer, designers, modelers and a great dev team, we pulled...

Vue, Bitbucket Pipelines, AWS S3, CloudFront, CDN, Lambda, Route53, IAM, Figma
1037 words

Mobile-first front-end refresh

A fresh mobile-first UI using Bootstrap 4.5

Re-construct almost every page/view to simplify the HTML, apply Bootstrap classes, and create a simple...

Ruby on Rails 5, Bootstrap 4.5, HTML 5, CSS & SASS
151 words

Upgrade of Hire Things - Versions, Gems, Payments, AWS

Full upgrade and replatform to AWS. Upgrade from Rails 2.3 to 5.2

Full upgrade from Ruby on Rails 2.3 hosted in Auckland on a VPS, to Ruby...

Ruby on Rails 5, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS S3, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, AWS RDS (with MySQL), AWS Elastic Cache, Git, Git Deployments, AWS Simple Email Service
258 words Rails 5 multi-style personal profile site

(Re-)Learning Rails 5.2 over 226 tutorials!

This has taken about 9 weeks on and off, as part of my up-skilling on...

Postgresql DB, Heroku, Redis, Javascript and CoffeeScript, HTML5, CSS3/SCSS, Ruby on Rails 5 (now upgraded to Rails 6)
423 words

Ensprial Dev Academey Bootcamp: Aug - Dec 2018 'Hihi' cohort

Javascript and more javascript!

18 weeks of Javascript, mobile responsive HTML5, CSS3/SASS, node.js, express router, databases, APIs, React/Mobile, Redux,...

Javascript, CSS3, HTML5, Heroku, Mobile-responsive, React, Redux, Security, authentication, authorisation, Team dynamics and shared goals, Agile practices, Kanban, Mindfulness, Git and Github. Pull Requests, Issues and Git projects, kanban boards
466 words

Enspiral Dev Academy 'Hihi 2018' first 24-hour group project - Lenda NZ

Our first group project - Bobbie's idea to do a community sharing site :-)

Our first node.js database driven mobile-responsive web application. Using Handlebars for server-side template rendering of...

Node.js, HTML5, CSS3 - mobile-first responsive, Handlebars
334 words

Enspiral Dev Academy Phase 0 Hand-coded blog and prep projects

Working through 9 weeks of ground-up learnings on mobile web dev

The first phase before the EDA Dev Bootcamp is to work through weekly learnings and...

HTML5, CSS3 and mobile-first responsive design and build, Javascript, Functional Programming
305 words

Agile Practices and Enterprise Collaboration Tooling

Atlassian tools and practices, Github Projects - Strategy and Ops

Establishing, evolving, operating MSD's enterprise agile practices and collaboration tools practice. Based mostly around Atlassian...

1031 words


Enabling great User Experiences, Mobile first

Looking after the MSD Digital Mobile Capability Bringing in Alphero to ensure a great UX...

UX, mobile responsive
182 words

MyStudyLink mobile

First and second phases of mobile-responsive service for MyStudyLink

Worked with the StudyLink GM to build case for phased introduction of mobile responsive interface...

UX, mobile responsive, Vendor collaboration
241 words

MSD Youth Service Provider Activity Reporting Tool

Getting our youth back into education

Agile Project Manager for ART. This was a portal for our social service providers, MSD...

Ruby on Rails, Agile Project Management, Analysis and User Experience
356 words

Accent Learning - School Solutions, ELTO,

Catalyst IT project for Victoria University / VicLink

Project Lead, Business UX, IA and solution analysis and design. Delivery Manager. Design and build...

Drupal CMS, Business analysis, User Experience. Wireframes and flow., Information Architecture
496 words / /

Startups and realities of an online marketplace... the long journey

Co-founder and early developer of Subsequently servicing Australia with Supporting the service and...

Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Search, Memcache
254 words